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Architecture Competition 2016

It’s that time of year again and Doncaster Civic Trust are launching a third round of our architecture competition for Doncaster primary schools.

This time we have made some changes to the rules to make the competition more interesting and worthwhile entering.

  1. Schools can now enter multiple teams which can compete for the prizes.
  2. We have chosen a single, well-known town centre site for your children to try out their design ideas.

The prize money on offer is £850!

And our friends from Sheffield University will be on hand to work with your children.

Deadline for registration is 14th October 2016.


You can find out all the details about the competition by clicking below.

Build A New Doncaster (2016) Information

Teacher Guidance Notes

Registration Form (2016)

We know children love the competition and get a lot out of it. Our schools have told us so.

(Special thanks to Rachel Berry for redesign of the competition.)

Copley Junior got involved in the architecture competition this year for the first time. It was brilliant! Our children really got involved in thinking how they could enhance our local area. They came up with a really creative structure for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park that involved rooms on different levels themed to the park with a viewing platform at the top. We came 3rd in the competition and the children were so proud of themselves.  The project involved students from Sheffield University working with our students for the day. This was really beneficial for the children as it opens their eyes to the different opportunities they could have in the future. The students supported the children well and they thoroughly enjoyed working with our children too. I really hope the project is offered again this year and we would certainly enter again.

Liz Crayton

Headteacher, Copley Junior School, Sprotborough.

2016 Competition Winners

We are delighted to say that this year, 8 schools took part in our architecture competition. During November, 70 masters architecture and urban design students from Sheffield University visited the schools to work with 14 teams of children. They all had a lot of fun learning about architecture and produced some exciting designs.

The competition submissions were judged by the Trust’s Executive Committee in January and we are very pleased to announce the results:-

First Prize – The Eric Braim Prize worth £500 – Sprotbrough Copley Junior School

Second Prize – worth £250 – Askern Spa Junior School Blue Team

Joint Third Prize – worth £100 each – Askern Spa Green Team and Rosedale Primary School

Congratulations to all our winners.

Copley Junior School’s Winning Entry

Prize Winners Visit Sheffield University

On 27th June we were delighted and charmed to accompany a group of 17 students and their teachers from Copley Junior School, Sprotbrough on a visit to the School of Architecture at the Arts Tower in Sheffield.

This special day out was hosted by Leo Care, MArch Director at the University and co-ordinator of Doncaster Civic Trust’s architecture competition for Doncaster primary schools.

The purpose of the day was to give our competition prize winners a taste of what it is to be an architect. Leo told the Copley students about how young people from all over the world trained to be architects at the university and how they were taught to think about designing buildings which would suit different climates and environments. He gave some examples of what students learn and then illustrated this by giving a guided tour of the end-of-year exhibition of the architecture students’ work.


There was no doubt that the visitors were impressed with the exciting plans and models on display.

The final part of the day was taken up with a design challenge for the Copley students. Leo divided the visitors into groups and asked them to design schools specially to be built in widely differing parts of the world such as desert or polar regions.

The Copley students produced some very innovative and practical designs and at the end presented their work to their classmates.

At the Trust, we want our young people to take an interest in the built environment so it was very pleasing to see local children enjoy finding out about designing exciting new architecture.