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Heritage Walks 2018

About the Summer Heritage Walks

All the walks last approximately 2½ hours and the cost is £5 per person.

Numbers are limited to 20 per walk and advance booking is recommended.

Bookings can be made by telephoning Doncaster Tourist Information Centre on Doncaster (01302) 734309 or by emailing

Ad-hoc walks can be arranged for private groups at a date and time to suit your group. The minimum cost is £50, with guest numbers in excess of 10 being charged at £5 per person.

The walks will be led by Steve Kimber and Andy Ward who have already taken over 1,580 guests on the Doncaster Heritage Walks in the last seven years.

Please contact the Tourist Information Centre via the above link for more details.

2018 Heritage Walks Programme

“Romans to Racing”

All start from Doncaster Minster Church Street, Doncaster DN1 1RD
Meet at the South door, facing Church Way.

  • Saturday 12th May at 10.30 am
  • Sunday 17th June at 10.30 am
  • Wednesday 18 July at 10.30 am

Tickhill Walk

All start from Methodist Church Northgate, Tickhill DN11 9HZ

  • Wednesday 16th May at 6 pm
  • Saturday 16th June at 2 pm
  • Sunday 15th July at 2 pm

Bawtry Walk

All start from Cooplands Bakers 1 Scot Lane, Bawtry DN10 6JT

  • Sunday 13th May at 2 pm
  • Wednesday 13th June at 6 pm
  • Saturday 14th July at 2 pm
Doncaster Heritage Walks Programme

NEW for 2018

“Christmas, Dickens and Doncaster”

A 90 minute stroll through central Doncaster reflecting on the history of Christmas, Dickens’ influence on the celebration and his visit to Doncaster in 1857.

All the walks last 90 minutes and the cost is £5 per person. Numbers are limited to 20 per walk and advance booking is recommended.

Bookings can be made by telephoning Doncaster Tourist Information Centre on Doncaster (01302) 734309 or by emailing

These leave the Tourist Information Centre, 1 Priory Place, Doncaster DN1 1BN on:

  • Saturday 17th November at 1.30 pm
  • Saturday 24th November at 1.30 pm
  • Saturday 1st December at 1.30 pm

DIY Smartphone Heritage Walks

If you own a smartphone you can use it to enjoy two self-guided ‘walks with a challenge’ in Doncaster town centre to explore its history.

Walk 1
From Roman times to the 1300s
The medieval township of Doncaster is known to have been protected by earthen ramparts and ditches, with four substantial gates as entrances to the town.
You can use the clues and the GPS on your smartphone to find the four medieval gates and trace the historic shape of Doncaster.

Walk 2
Walk through time in Waterdale
Waterdale has been a residential and cultural hub for the past 150 years. Since the 1960s when many housing blocks, the Doncaster college and the bus station were demolished and moved, the area has been in decline. Plans to create a new Civic and Cultural Quarter were produced by the Council to breathe new life into the Waterdale area and some interesting buildings have been constructed recently. Using the clues and the GPS on your smartphone, take a stroll around Waterdale area, discover its history, see how it has changed and answer some questions.

To access the walks on your smartphone, you will need to go to and follow the instructions. Happy exploring!

These innovative walks were created by Sheffield School of Architecture as part of the Doncaster Toolkit educational project.
See this website for further details.