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Bursary Round 6 Open

We are delighted to reopen our bursary scheme.

Once again, we are offering to help Doncaster students pay their university tuition fees when they study built environment subjects such as architecture, town planning, urban design, building conservation or landscape architecture.

We will also help fund students who wish to study traditional crafts such as stonemasonry, woodcarving and building conservation skills.

We are inviting interested students to apply for up to £1250 for each year of their studies.

This scheme is part of the Trust’s education programme aimed at helping Doncaster’s young people get a better understanding of the value of good quality architecture and urban design and to appreciate the rich built and natural heritage of our borough.

Student Bursary Scheme Poster - Click to open full size

Don’t forget to check out our built environment careers information here.

There is no deadline for applications. We will aim to give you a decision within two months of submission.

Please submit your application by email to:-

Find details of the bursary scheme and an application form by clicking on the links below.

Please read about the bursary in the pdf file below, and if you would like to apply, please complete and submit the application form.

Further Information

Download the full details. Available in PDF format

Bursary Scheme Details (PDF)

Get Adobe Reader. Link opens a new window.

If you need any further information after reading the details, please contact:-

Jeff Prior
01302 728612

Please complete the following Bursary Application Form and submit

Alternative postal option: Download application form (PDF) pdficon_large

Student Bursary Scheme 2019 Application Form

14 + 11 =

I received a bursary from Doncaster Civic Trust to help support me in the second year of my studies for an MSc in Building Conservation and Adaptation at University of Central Lancashire. I was travelling to Preston once a week and working part-time around my studies. Being a mature student, returning to studying was quite a big and daunting decision with large financial implications. I used the grant for the purchase of books and train tickets to university and a number of CPD courses offered by Historic England and other bodies; events that I would not otherwise have been able to attend. Of particular interest was a workshop run by Nigel Copsey (Earth, Stone and Lime) on hot-mixed lime mortars and the research coming from the University of Bath and a Membership Training event by the IHBC. Since then I have joined the buildings lime forum and am hoping to engage with conservation on a national level. I found both really helped supplement my studies and introduced me to other people in the sector.

I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank Doncaster Civic Trust for their support and it is commendable that they have such a grant for the people of Doncaster.


Building Conservation MSc Student, University of Central Lancashire

Mixing work with University combined with the hefty commute I have to Leeds where I both work and study has been very consuming, but it is still a labour of love and I cannot thank the Doncaster Civic Trust enough for continuing to support me in my academic studies – I do not think I would be here without you!.


Architecture Student, Leeds Beckett University

The last two years of my degree when I received the bursary, it contributed greatly with helping me being able to create more interesting displays and models which came to mind when I was designing. The picture below shows an example where my design from my final year project was engraved into a crystal which allowed viewers to see the construction, massing and form of the building from all angles. I am very grateful again for the contributions and I hope to try and give something back to the Trust, pushing for younger people to be more knowledgeable about the built environment.


Architecture Student, Lincoln University