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Doncaster Toolkit

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new ‘Doncaster Toolkit’.

Since 2012, the Trust have been working with the University of Sheffield’s schools of education and architecture to create a learning package for Doncaster schools. The aim of the Toolkit is to help local schoolchildren acquire a better understanding of the principles of architecture in a local context. We hope this will help them to appreciate Doncaster’s rich built heritage and encourage a new generation to become involved in influencing the local decision-makers to demand the best standards of architecture, urban design and town planning in Doncaster.

The Toolkit has been distributed to all primary and secondary schools in the borough and is suitable for pupils in years 5 and above.

It consists of a board game, a teachers’ activity guide containing over forty exercises, a supporting website with research material and a smartphone app introducing two guided walks around the town centre exploring some of its history and architecture.

You can find out more about the Toolkit by visiting the website:- Opens new window

If you want to know how the University created the Toolkit then you can find out by visiting

If you would like a hard copy, these are available from the Trust secretary at a cost of £19.95 plus £3 p&p.

Our special thanks go out to Eirini Christofidou, Lisa Procter and all of the staff and students at the university who made this project possible.

Doncaster Civic Trust - Doncaster Toolkit